Thursday, March 10, 2011


lol I know i already made one pic that says this but I couldnt deside which pic to use so i used both lol

hahahahaha lolololol
lol I was trying to get the whoooole story of Star Wars into one pic
woah that was a weird effect lol
:( :(
hahahaha lolololololol
Yoda=awesome lol
:) :( :( :(
haha lolol mom told me I should make a pic like the Brady Bunch only make it Star it is! lol
this one shows Anakin's awful attitude on Episode 2..........
:( lol

Padme- Magestic, Brave, Lost.
this is the coolest effect on picnik ever lololol
This quote is from a book I read called "Star Wars: A New Hope: The Life of Luke Skywalker".

lolol i couldnt resist when i saw this pic lol

I love the wedding stickers on picnik...they were great 4 this lol
I made this with Sarah (Leia). I did the 4 on the left, she did the 4 on the right, and we put them 2gether.
lol i love this quote lolo
lolol I love making pics with scenes lolol
hahahaha lololol
Anakin and Padme
This quote is also from that book.
haha lol
hehehe lololololol
lol love the ewoks

The link to the website that I edited these pics with is: Thanks for reading!