Monday, January 31, 2011

Padme Amidala

Hi!! Emily here, but I'm writing under the name Padme (my friend Sarah is writing under the name Leia). Since I'm "Padme," this first post is just random stuff about Padme Amidala. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more!!Padme is rolled away, to be buried on Naboo, her home.

Padme Amidala's funeral. The dress symbolizes the water (from all the rivers on Naboo) that she loved so much. As she was rolled away, Japor Snippet Anakin had given her was in her hands.

This is one of Padme's nightgowns from Episode 2.

This is one of my favorites of her dresses from Episode 3!

This is my favorite from Episode 2. The wedding gown :)

This is the outfit she wore during the battle at geonosis.

I really love this outfit, and this picture. Look at the detail on the sleeves and the top, plus the hairstyle :)

A better look at the Veranda Nightgown.

This is my favorite from Episode 1!!!
Padme worries about Anakin after she hears about the attack on the Jedi Temple

This is my second fave from Episode 1!!

Queen Padme Amidala gets ready for battle--Episode 1

"Obi-Wan, there's good in him....I know there's still-"
-Padme Amidala as she was dying. Those were her last words.
This dress was worn on Coruscant, in her apartment-Episode 1
She was wearing this when she made the decision to go back to Naboo-Episode one
"This is your arena, Senator, And I'm afraid I must return to mine. Captain! Ready my ship."
-Queen Amidala
Anakin chokes Padme while she tries to convince him that she loved him :(

Padme's outfits--and that's just one movie

Padme's Veranda nightgown...I love this dress :)

Episode 2

After Anakin choked her.
Padme :)